Monday, February 18, 2013

Saint Valentine at Jardin Canario (Cactus Garden)

Working for the final touches of "Cactusueños IV". On the short video clip below you will have an idea of how I work on the detailed parts. The process of building paint layers patiently takes time of course. You work basically, until painting starts giving you this semi-finished feeling, that's the moment I start for a new project generally, just before finishing it.... This emotion keeps me engaged whatever I do! One after another one after... 

Video clip, working on Cactusueños IV

The photo below is the lastest version which you can see more details. I will change the color of the dark abstract part behind the figure's head, it will be much softer and brighter. In order to bring the head front this is essential. Also, hands and the face needs another layer for sure. The pillow seems fine but I might add some decorative designs on it.

Cactusueños IV, Oil on canvas, 81 x 100 cm (Work in progress)

This Thursday was Saint Valentine's Day, we decided to visit "Jardin Canario". The Cactus garden was amazing!. I took many photos and filmed video clips for the small formatted paintings. I measured my small sized frames to find out what size wooden panel I should use. Also, I reviewed quite a number of pictures and chose the candidates for this project. Next, I need to buy the wooden panel and cut for the measured sizes and paint with gesso.  And ready to go! Next week, hopefully I will have some sketches to show you... 

Have a wonderful week, see you soon!

Small sized frames for oil on wood panel project

Some kind of ficus tree, Jardin Canario, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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