Monday, July 21, 2014

Omnia Causa Fiunt, Over the Clouds...

The month of July is becoming a productive one. My drawing table is set with Prismacolor pencils and it's ready to draw on wonderful Stonhenge papers. Few years ago, I have made color pencil series (with mixed media) for "Ars Longa, Vita Brevis" solo exhibition. Surprisingly, I didn't sell any of this series at the exhibition; I was curious and disappointed a little bit. Even though some people gave very nice comments on them and told me they would buy them for sure... Anyways, there must be a reason for it... In the mean time, I am keeping one piece for myself and another piece will go to a long time supporter and follower friend. 12 more to find their new homes and walls in Istanbul... (to see more drawings click on my website )

Omnia causa fiunt (Everything has a reason) Artist Collection
Coloured pencil on paper with mixed media, 30 x 40 cm., 2009

In Vino Veritas (The truth is in wine) (Reserved)
Coloured pencil on paper with mixed media, 40 x 30 cm., 2009

The mosaic piece is forming slow but nicely. I am naming this artwork as "Over the Clouds", the sketch scene take place at the peaks (aprox. 2000 m.) of Gran Canaria where usually you feel over the clouds.

Detailed work of "Pinzón" bird

"Over the Clouds" work on progress

This week, I was listening Sixto Rodriguez's lovely music. I have seen the documentary "Sugar Man" when it released few years ago and felt deeply sorry for him. If you haven't seen yet, don't miss it, you will love it really... The song at the videoclip is "I wonder" from "Cold Fact" album. Listen to the lyrics, Rodriguez is a good poet.

Rodriguez, I WONDER,1970 official video clip

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