Sunday, July 6, 2014

Recycled Screen Project - The Immortal Wallpaper

My computer's wallpaper photo; Playa del Burrero, Carrizal, Gran Canaria

I work with double screen and save a lot of time while working on the computer (see pic 2). A few months ago my secondary computer screen died and I got a new one. But I didn't throw it away the dead screen and saved it (see pic 3) at the storage room for a future project. Seven years ago, I used an unusable laptop screen as a paint surface for a collective exhibition called "The Ghost in the Self-Portrait", in Istanbul and created "Deadcam" oil painting (see pic 1). This week I started my second recycled screen project, this time I am painting the landscape (see pic 4) of our local beach, "Playa del Burrero" which was the same wallpaper photo of my broken screen for more than two years. It is going to be called "The Immortal Wallpaper".

The mosaic piece is growing slowly... The highest mountain of Spain; "Teide" at the far behind the view is almost completed. The other day I found some mosaic materials at the storage room that I totally forgatten 
them. With these round marble stone I can perfectly represent the almond flower bloom on the tree.

"Lead Girl with Timple" work on progress

Now that I have two projects going on in my painting studio, I organized around a little bit. It helped a lot really. I am using the portable table for set up of the marble and brushes and folding it once the session is done, so I have more space to work for the mosaic piece at the same time. If you have lack of space in your living area, in order to achive productivity you better use your practical mind...

Studio Carrizal 

My music muse for this week was the young talented British singer, songwriter George Ezra. Ezra influenced by Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie. He has an unique nd incredible bluesy toned voice. I am sharing with you the video clip of song called "Budapest" from his latest album; "Wanted on Voyage". Enjoy it.

Budapest by George Ezra
(All copyrights acknowledged and respected and support the music artists by buying their music.)

Have a great week!

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