Sunday, August 31, 2014

Canarian Tomatoes Still Life Painting

"Tomate Canario" is a tiny, tasty beautiful fruit. We consume a lot all year around and keep them on the kitchen counter in a traditional handwoven basket till they get very ripe to eat. I am painting these Canarian tomatoes (the picture below) with oil colors on a canvas sheet. 

 Work in progress

"Canarian Tomatoes", oil on canvas sheet, 7" x 5"

Last week I did several still life sketches for the cookbook project. They are mostly vegetables and fruits and some kitchen utensils. The best light is coming from the kitchen window in the afternoons. Watch the short clip and see the finished drawings below.

Drawing mango and manga fruit

Sketch of Mango (the big one) and Manga

Sketch of Garlic and a dent

Another painting is about to finish. It is our pressure cooker, "The Magic Pot" with Canarian tomatoes reflected on it. I just used it to cook for a delicious leek recipe. I am sharing my recipe below, if you try to make it please leave a comment to let me know how did it come out... 

"Magic Pot", work in progress

Zetinyagli Pirasa (a Turkish recipe; Leeks with olive oil)

3 leeks (cleaned and diced in 2 cm.)
2 carrots (skinned and diced thinly)
half an onion (chopped tiny)
1 table spoon rice
50 ml olive oil (little less than a quater of a glass)
1 piece of concentated vegetable stock
half of dessert spoon of salt
1 dessert spoon sugar
2 table spoon lemon juice
1 glass of cold water

Put all the ingredients in the pressure pot in once. Close the cover and start cooking in high temperature. When the vapor comes out switch it to close position  and lower the heat to minimum. Cook for 5 min. Turn the fire off and keep it on the same spot about half an hour. Than move the pressure pot on the marble counter top for another 10 min. to cool down the temperature and open safely. This dish can be eaten at room temparature with a few drops of lemon juice. Enjoy it!

Have a great week!

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