Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Plein air pastel painting

Last Saturday the weather was a little bit chilly but warm enough for me to paint outside for about 1,5 hours. I did drawing and painting with oil pastels by the seaside in El Burrero, the closest neighbor town to our place . I was surprised to see our friend surfing by himself in this green grayish sea, in a not really windy weather. Anyway, he was happy seeing me drawing out there, when I was asked him "how was it?", he said; "the wind is nothing crazy today but I did some exercise." What a positive attitude! I like to see more people like him, enjoying sports, outdoors in summer and winter! Our live is so precious we must enjoy and appreciate each moment of it.

Where I was working by the little port, there is a beautiful sculpture, called "Monumento al pescador", a siting fisherman is holding a big fish and he has a boat paddle. This sculpture was here close to 10 years, I think. It is a mystery a little bit, when I searched online, I was able to find only the photos of it but not much information about the author. It's a shame... Do you know about the artist of this sculpure? If yes, put on the comments please.

Later on, a teenage girl came and set down on the sculpture's base without moving just focusing to her mobile and she was a perfect model. It's a bit sad seeing the youngsters how they addicted to their cell phones all the time. I personally blame their parents and our society. 

Have a great week!

Drawing in open air

A winter afternoon in El Burrero, Jan 31, 2015, oil pastel, 11" x 8"
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