Monday, April 27, 2015

I didn't forget the Children's Day, it was just another busy week...

Children is celebrating 23rd of April in Turkey.

Last week, 23rd of April was the Children's Day in Turkey. I was quite busy that day, I didn't have time to share anything. So, today I went through my archives and found out an oil panting of a young girl that I had made a while ago. I really enjoy the innocence of a little girl in this age, about 4-5 so. I have many nieces, in fact few of them are in these ages now and they are adorable to spend time together. 

"The girl with pink baloon" by Birsen Ozbilge
oil on canvas, 11 x 15 cm, 2013

I started to work on another oil painting for the "Kitchen Stories" painting series. Our balcony flower started to bloom last week, so I combined this geranium with two green apples and a hand painted silk scarf which was made by my mother. I will share the advanced stages later on, so stay tuned.

Work in progress

Few days ago, I was drawing on my sketch book by the beach. I tried to capture as much as possible from the nature and surroundings, such as the waves, the light and two fishermen whom they were moving constantly. Later on I added the fast boat and a sail boat as well. Lastly the big fish net at far close to horizon.

from the sketch book, pencil and eraser.

Last week, I made a YouTube clip for basic soft pastel tips. I will start to make Time lapse tutorials as well, so if you are interested in sign up on my channel at

Have a great week!

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