Monday, May 4, 2015

Did you know I used to make ACEO Clowns?

The other day I was searching images for my next self-portrait project and I came across with a photo I recently took. As I like to get ideas from early sketches, I did this quick one on my diary notebook (see below). Next step will be choosing the materials; a wood panel perhaps, right size and shape brushes and of course oil paints... I will share the work in progress pictures soon.

A quick sketch self-portrait from photo

Advancing on the Geranium and the apples still-life painting. The afternoon studio light is very rewarding when you work from real life objects. You learn a lot this way and get experienced by relying on your eyes instead of a camera objective which is ok to use in some other occasions. See pic below.

Work in progress

Back in the 08', before I started to share my artworks on my blog, I did several ACEO clown acrylic paintings (Art Card Editions and Originals, size of  2 1⁄2" x 3 1⁄2" (64 mm × 89 mm)) see pics below. These miniature paintings are highly detailed artworks and they are collectables. I sold few of them on EBAY auctions. My social network avatar picture is also an ACEO painting which can be seeing on my facebook or instagram pages. Follow me to see more of my artworks. Have a great week!

Clown no:8 (Available, contact by e-mail for details)

Clown series, acrylic on acid free aquarel paper, 2008

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