Monday, June 8, 2015

Would you like a cup of tea or coffee? New speed painting video "Canarian Timple with bananas and gofio"

"Canarian Timple with bananas and gofio" by Birsen Ozbilge
oil on canvas sheet, 29,5 x 42 cm, June, 2015

Last week I finished a still-life oil painting for "Kitchen Stories" series (see pic above). I filmed the process and made a time lapse (speed painting) video and uploaded to my YouTube Channel. (See pic below) Most probably you are not familiar with "gofio" ingredient, unless you know about Canarian food. "Gofio" is originally a Canarian product, first produced by Canarian aborigines called "Guanches" and took this name from their almost lost language as well. It is a type of flour made from roasted grains such as corn, wheat or mixture of beans. It is very rich in vitamins, proteins, fiber and minerals.We use gofio in our kitchen often to make a typical Canarian dessert which is made with bananas, orange juice and condensed milk. All we have to do mix them well until it is smooth, a little bit denser than the pancake batter and chilling in the fridge with individual bowls before serving them. You must be curious now, how to find gofio? Maybe in Latino food markets... Canarian immigrants spreaded gofio to many countries in South America; Hispanics call it "harina tostada". Thera are many other ways to make gofio recipes also; caldo escaldado; side dish for the fish, gofio pancakes or just a spoon of gofio over a vegetable soup...

Time lapse Still-life oil painting video. click on image to see.

I grew up in Istanbul, Turkey; in a culture deeply connected with both tea and coffee drinking tradition. Even though I lived nearly 20 years abroad I didn't change that much my tea and coffee drinking habit. This week I started to work on two new compositions related to this subject. This season in our patio garden the yellow rose tree gave seven buds and last week they started to bloom. I am watching their growth through the kitchen window right before serving the tea in the mornings. So I set the second easel at the kitchen and drew the composition today. I will use watercolor I think. (see pic below) 

First bloom

work in progress

For the coffee composition, I will work at my studio.(see pic below). Recently our family in Turkey sent us artisan Turkish candies called "akide sekeri" which we both can't resist them, they are so delicious. Even after a tasty Turkish coffee in the afternoon. This one will be oil painting, I will soon share the work in progress, so stay tuned and have a great week.

Working on "Turkish coffee and candies (akide sekeri)"

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