Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A summer day plein air painting

In mid July I visited a fantastic exhibition at Casa de Colon, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. "El Paisaje" (the landscape) exhibition paintings belong to Casa de Colon. This selection of paintings about landscapes of Canary Islands and travel memoirs of Canarian artists from Galicia, Basque country, and Italy, ( from late 19th century until 70's). As I am very into outdoor paintings lately, it was great to see these landscape paintings. 

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  'San Cristóbal más hacia el sur' by Francisco Suárez León 
[Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1865-1934]
(1910. Óleo sobre lienzo)

The other day, we had picnic at the park with the family and kids. Our youngest niece Pili and I drew with oil pastels and had lots of fun. Children loves oil pastels. See her drawing below. It was very windy day, so I chose sitting on the grass and drawing with the pastels. Unfortunately all summer will be like this windy. The wind will go away in September. We have been working on a guerrilla French box for outdoor painting. I will post the result soon, come back soon and have a great week!

Drawing of my niece (5 years old)

 work in progress

"A summer day at Arinaga Park", oil pastel on paper
5,50" x 8,25" (15 x 21 cm), July 2015

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