Friday, September 18, 2015

Looking Up for Clouds to Paint

I saw on today's news "Alerta Amarilla" (orange alarm) rain. That's why we had beautiful clouds yesterday afternoon. The sky was crisp blue clouds were patched like cotton balls. We walked up on the hill to see the ocean view. It was about 8:00 pm, every 2-4 minutes landscape was changing its colors and cloud shapes. So,  I tried to memorize the view of three clouds and the sea with roof tops. On return to the studio I worked with oil pastels. (see pic above)

Quick sketch draing en plain air, Telde 

The other day I did a drawing sketch in the Park. Usually I use my pocket sketch book, but this time I used a little bigger (A4) size paper. It was an after noon seen, with kids skating and people walking with their dogs. I found a lovely fountain surrounded by natural volcanic rocks so, I decided to draw the fountain closest object in the composition. The clock tower is very modern in the middle of the park as it sets in the composition as well. (see pic above)

Street Art by Case_Maclaim (Burrero village in Gran Canaria)

We have been enjoying our neighborhood Burrero's graffiti painted walls a lot. A few years ago there was an international Graffiti Festival here. This festival was every two years and it happened two times only, so many talented artists left behind great street artworks. I want to share few of them with you. I don't know the names of the artists but you can see their signature in some of them. If you know the artist just let me know, so I can update the info. Enjoy it! Have a great weekend.

Street Art from Burrero's International Graffiti Festival

Street Art from Burrero's International Graffiti Festival

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