Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Step-by-step four-color reduction Linocut print demo

Sketching by the coast (La Garita, Gran Canaria)

Last weekend we visited another coastal town called "La Garita", where there is a lovely sculpture at the view point. I always would like to draw this landscape view. It was a challenging composition, as the sculpture had two figures standing  on the  cement shape in a peculiar way. 

La Garita beach, pencil on sketchbook


Last week I started to work on a new reduction/suicide linocut print. This one will be another artwork for my ongoing "Kitchen Stories" project. I had a textile design pattern image that I made for the boutique I used to work "Melati" in Soho, NYC in the late 90's. This image was forgotten in a folder for many years, so I brought it back and made some modifications in order to adapt linocut carving and printing. See pic below.

Transfering the image to the lino sheet

Carved for the first layer

Ready to print

Set the lino into the cardboard, this way it is fixed so layers will be printed correctly. Taped on one side of the cardboard a removable paper which I cut out only the lino's place (chenge it in each printing session), this is very important, first to remove the paper and transfer the ink to the paper. o your print  is clean on the sides. (see below)

Inking the first layer

Transfering the ink to the paper

Printed the first color

Carving for the second layer

Inking the second layer

Printed the second color

Carved for the third layer

Inked for the third layer

Pulling the third color

Carved for the forth and the last layer, next step is inking the lino with black ink and transfering the image to the paper. See below the finished print.

"Elixir", reduction linocut print on Rives acid-free printmaking paper,
 Paper size 6.5" x 8,5" ( 17 x 20 cm.)
Image size 4" x 6" (10 x 15 cm.)
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