Monday, January 23, 2017

New linocut: "Tuesday Mood"

Last week I worked on a new linocut piece. It's the sixth of the "Mood of the week days" series, and I titled it "Tuesday Mood". The idea of this design formed on a Tuesday morning, when I was having my croissant and coffee. I am happy if I can make people get touched by these honest and personal visions of moments of our daily lives. How many of you would like to have a coffee and croissant right now?

Let me tell you about the process a little bit. After I sketched the design to reverse the image, I simply turned the back side of the paper and put it on the balcony door's window to go through over the lines. This is another technique I use when there is nice afternoon sunlight hitting the studio (See pic). Afterwards, I transferred the reversed image on the lino sheet with a red ball pen, to transfer all the line art properly. Once the image was on the sheet, I went over the lines with the red ball pen, in order for all the lines to be fixed. After this point, I started to carve from top to bottom of the design. When the carving is more or less finished, I check the negative image on a very thin paper rubbing with a charcoal stick. This is kind of a sneak peak of the print. This way I was able to see the parts I needed to carve a little bit more. After that, I made the proof print and it came out good. I went ahead to print a few editions and now they are ready to find their new homes. Have a great week!

Work in progress

"Tuesday mood" by Birsen Ozbilge, 2017
Original limited edition handmade linocut print
(Edition of 25 only)
Paper size 6" x 8" (16 x 20 cm.)
Image size 4" x 6" (10 x 15 cm.)
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