Saturday, June 22, 2013

Boyun Egme #DirenTurkiye

Well, I imagine many of my fellow followers read news or watch TV etc. Anyway, if you still haven't heard about it I do not get surprised :) Let me tell you why... On Friday May 31st a group of peaceful young protesters were attacked by the Police in Istanbul, Turkey. The protesters were telling " We do not need another Shopping Mall in our park". The reason is because Gezi Park which is very emblematic for Taksim square where people can enjoy the nature in the center of the city and there are several Shopping Malls already in the area and the long shopping street "Beyoglu" is near by... In the meantime, CNN- Turk was showing a penguins documentary and many other big channels like NTV, TRT, HaberTurk didn't interrupted their programmes with this important news. Social Media followers on twitter and facebook sharing messages and video clips, showing the Police brutality against protesters and asking help. Lots of young people who had goodwill ran to help there. People were on shock, tear gases and water canons all over this square, it was like war scene... Watch if you want to see on this youtube clip Well, Soon after big cities like Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya joined to the protests against censured media and antidemocratic government with their brutal Police force...  In the middle of these crises Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan went to several North African countries for diplomatic visits. The Nation was on shock watching the news from foreign TV channels and TV Channel called "Halk TV" became nations heroic channel (I recently checked and it seems like unplugged from the air) . Days were passing but the Prime minister instead of calming the nation he was giving very aggressive speeches like "3 - 5 Marginal Chapulcu ( looter for more wikipedia )  is trying to do this" later on, "Beware, I am holding the other 50% of the population at home".  I was following the news from social media and Halk TV for last 21 days... Thank god my family and friends are safe but very demoralized. I think aprox. for the moment there are 4 dead, 1000's of injured people, hundreds of arrested with no reason, including lawyers and doctors...   I love my country even though I live abroad for many years... I give all my support with positive energy till I die and I know we will never give up! 


Like many mid career artists I am struggling... I think the main reasons are ; first, where I live is a small island in the Atlantic ocean far from the mainland Spain. People here in Canary Islands they don't collect art they decorate their wall that's all... Second, knowing that of course I looked for other alternatives and made many meetings with major galleries In Istanbul last 7 years.  All of them liked my artwork but they were after with this new fashion called "young artist", I think it's very stupid. Even one of them told me I was too old for them and I was not even 40 years old :)) What they want is clear,  be capable to control young inexperienced artist, invest their art while is cheap and make them over rated in few years and sell their art in auctions... When I found the opportunity to exhibit, I didn't have much choice, overall It was disappointing experience but not a total disaster... I have a great proverb to say "Dum spiro spero" (As long as I breathe I hope).