Tuesday, May 22, 2018

GIVEAWAY! Printable 8 ACEO Clown Portraits

Hi, I am here today to inspire you with my Miniature ACEO Clown Portraits. 

At the moment I am editing work-in-progress videos and soon I will be uploading new clips to my YouTube Channel. 

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A PDF file download of Printable 8 ACEO Clown Portraits - personal use only). 
Once you follow me on my Patreon Page, simply send me a message or place a comment to receive your PDF file. ( I have 2 versions A4 (EU) and Letter size (US).


*You are not obligated to become a patron on my Patreon Page for this giveaway, once you follow me you will receive only my "open to public" post e-mails. 

You can print the digital PDF file like it is without adjusting to the page (real size) with your color printer or take it to your local print shop. These are printed today with high-quality archival ink on a thick matte paper and they look really wonderful.

Have a great week!

* Click on the images to see them larger.

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