Monday, February 23, 2015

Still-life Watercolor Painting "Fruit Bowl with Mangos"

Fruit bowl with mangos by Birsen Ozbilge. 
Watercolor on paper, 24, 5 x 19 cm, 2015 (Available contact @ SHOP )

We are fortunate to have a kind and generous landlord. Time to time he brings us fruits and potatoes from his "finca"(fruit and vegetable garden) in Valsequillo. I prepared this still-life composition with his mango fruits. They were delicious absolutely, sweet and beautiful textured. Our apartment naturally scented with mango perfume for days. If you like mango fruit take my advise; display them in a bowl in your living room, I guarantee you'll love the smell. 

Sketching fruit bowl with mangos

Work in progress

Signing the finished artwork

Here it is the Body make-up contest winner of this years Carnaval in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, IDAIRA BUJEDA MOLINA, make-up artist VICTOR CABRERA PÉREZ titled LA MALA EDUCACIÓN. If you want to see more of them check @ Have a great week!


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