Monday, November 26, 2012

New artwork work in progress

I liked to post unfinished paintings cause I know many of yours would like to see the work in progress... I composed and took the photo of this image for a while ago and stuck it in my future projects folder. Well, I realized that when I saw the photo recently I thought It fits perfect for my "CactuSueƱos" series...
I put dark grey toned background and sketched the composition raughly applying the first coats of sky and the floor. Next, I will work on the car and the pots ... Check for the new updates.

Oil on canvas (Work on progress)

Have a nice week!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Tempus Fugit

The latin proverb "Tempus Fugit" says very well; "Time flies". So be aware of it please! Don't let people to steal your time or the other way... This painting is perfect to remind us the precious tic tocs of time. 
A poem by Christina Georgina Rossetti ; Tempus Fugit

Lovely Spring,
A brief sweet thing,

Is swift on the wing;

Gracious Summer,

A slow sweet comer,
Hastens past;
Autumn while sweet
Is all incomplete
With a moaning blast,--
Nothing can last,
Can be cleaved unto,
Can be dwelt upon;
It is hurried through,
It is come and gone,
Undone it cannot be done,
It is ever to do,
Ever old, ever new,
Ever waxing old
And lapsing to Winter cold.

"Tempus Fugit" Time flies (SOLD)
Oil on canvas and mixed media, 22 x 22cm., 2011

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Portrait of Cigdem

The portrait work is completed. In last layers I added some shadows on the t-shirt and gave some volume to the hair. The arms, the ear and the gold earring fixed. Lastly, I worked on the eyes patiently... The next step will be the oiling out the whole surface. Right now some parts are matte others shiny. Also I want to paint the sides of the canvas with dark grey tone like museum wrap style.

"Portrait of Cigdem" Oil on Canvas, 38 x 45 cm

In the mean time I am working on another portrait project. I stretched the canvas and put the background colour. The composition laid out with only burnt amber. I am on the process of putting the first monochrome painting with burnt umber, raw sienna, yellow ocher, blue black and flake white colours. The painting in this stage is not telling that much so when it advance I will show some pictures.

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