Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Brings a New Still-Life with an Owl

Last weekend we visited a village called "La Goleta" in Arucas. When we arrived to Arucas we needed to park before the village because it was a special celebration day and roads were closed for all motor vehicles. By the parking lot area there were these trees with white flowers and they smelled beautiful with sweet fragrant aroma. On the way back to home my husband grabbed a small branch, as he knows  me well that I might like to use it for a still-life composition. So, I set the composition on top of one of my favorite silk scarves. Put the branch into an empty Berger lamp bottle and accompanied with a bronze owl sculpture. I used Cray-pas oil pastels on Rembrandt black pastel paper. (see pics below)

Work in progress

Work in progress with more detail

Later on, I made a research about this flower and I came up with "sweet almond verbena". My studio still smells beautiful. I would love to grow it in my patio if I could. 

And also a research on the symbolic owl meanings which are,


"Sweet Almond Verbena Branch with Bronze Owl" by Birsen Ozbilge
Oil Pastel on Black Pastel Paper, 32 x 24 cm. (12,5" x 9,5") SOLD

Oh! Before I finish to publish the post, I want to tell a little bit about our visit to "La Goleta" village on the special recreation event. 100's of village residents volunteered in this event called "Recorrido por un barrio Antiguo" (A walk in an old neighborhood). This small village recreated the daily life of 50's. So everything today in our daily lives you can imagine recreated. We went to 60 years back! It was on the steep road of the town about 1 km long walk that you can get in to old stores (about 50 of them) to see old cars, to try traditional food such as gofio, bread like they made in those times. At the end of the road there was an artist studio where I met with few artists from the 50's. (see pic below) It was a great experience. Not much changed since then It is very similar how I do my art today...

Artist recreation from 50's in Arucas.

"Sal Si Puedes" (Go out if you can) group organizes this event for every 4-5 years and the recreation year grows 5 more years each time. So for example next time, they will recreate the early 60's. (see video clip below)

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