Thursday, April 5, 2018

What is Patreon?

Hi Everyone,

Last month I was busy creating many ACEO miniature clown portraits and an oil painting. I also launched a new Patreon Page where I am sharing now my recent artworks and preparing rewards for my new patrons. If you never heard about it, you may ask “What is Patreon”? Patreon is an online platform that allows you to “Become a Patron” (Supporter/Sponsor) for your favorite artist with a monthly subscription, and in return you receive rewards and the artist will be able to achieve his/her goals.

Starting a new painting project is a difficult process and it’s very expensive, but I believe with a little help from the people who really appreciate my artworks it can make me achieve my objectives. My first goal is to upgrade my video editing software and buy a Full HD live stream webcam and an external hard drive, so I can show my patrons a real-time artist studio experience. Thanks to my patrons, I am half way from that goal now.

I prepared a short clip with ACEO miniature clown portraits and If you like it, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel, more clips will come...

If you don't see the video click on this link :

These days I am learning a lot about Clowns. It’s a fascinating subject for me. Especially in cultural history there are tons of interesting information. My first oil painting in this series is about a sad clown called “Pierrot”. Pierrot has a white face and a loose white blouse with big buttons in most pictures. The character of Pierrot is very old, first he appeared in Molière’s Don Juan play in 1660 and  He showed up also on Marcel Carné’s film, Les Enfants du Paradis in 1945 and later on we saw him in literature, music and many paintings... I will talk more about Pierrot the sad clown in art history and show the progress pictures of this piece on my Patreon Page.

work in progress

Click on image to see it in better quality
"Pierrot at Castillo de San Cristóbal", oil on canvas panel
9.5" x 12" ( 24 x 30 cm) by Birsen Ozbilge, 2018
( Limited Edition Signed Prints available here )

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