Friday, October 20, 2017

News from outside of my studio

Hi to All!

It's great to be outside again, just relax and draw on my sketch book. We had very bad weather last month, a heat wave with "Kalima" which happens when sand comes from Sahara desert. It was hard to breath outside, I stayed indoors mostly working on a research project and creating new art video tutorials.

Yesterday, sky was cleared out and the air was fresh. So we went to visit our neighbor town Ag├╝imes improvising a little bit. 

Sketchbook drawing 

After spending really nice time in nature, we headed to the historical part of town and came across with a very good art exhibition at Casa de la Cultura. Two artists; Painter Luis Deza (Peru) and sculpture artist Ina Stromberg (Sweden) exhibited wonderful artworks. If you are in the area, I highly recommend you to visit this one, It will open until 27th of October. Have a great weekend!

With Luis Deza's painting
Ina Stromberg's sculpture

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