Friday, January 25, 2013

Live and alive from the studio, here I am grabbing it with no fear

The world is spinning like maniac without waiting for anyone of us, looks like this hideous non forgiven "time" suppose to be our only enemy in this universe, aren't we all trying to grab the monster? Damn! You're right what they say "Carpe diem", writing and inspiring in my studio... Just  6 days before February, here I am these last days working on a new painting for the never ending cactusueños series. Well, the painting mostly finished, putting for the last brush strokes as it needs. I used lots of Titanium white on the background as you might not know about this type of white oil color,  it dries very very slowly. Probably by next week it will be totally dried.

Sleeping peacefully by the side of scary cactus plant. Is this an irony or not for you? Leave a comment please if you feel like. I will post next week some new stuff, hopefully I can grab the "monster" better this time :P

Cactusueños III- Work in progress
Oil on Canvas 160 cm x 96 cm

Video clip - Cactusueños III- Work in progress

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Feliz Año Nuevo! Welcome to 2013! Letter to Santa...

Letter to Santa: Hi Santa, I've been painting and working very hard all those years. I have many followers in my blog which they appreciate my artwork. So listen to me now. All I want is 2013 to be very nice to me. We are having tough times in whole country and especially in this art world. So please, Santa, tell your friends and family about me, recommend my online store,  share my blog, "like" my fb page, follow me at twitter and say "There she is available for your services". Thanks and Feliz Año Nuevo from Canaries!

Goals for 2013 : To accomplish all the works, tasks, readings, blogging and have fun time in the mean time. Travel overseas, visit new places, meet with new faces... 

Wishes for my followers: Thanks for your support and appreciation of my work. I wish you the best! Healthy, happy and a successful year with your loved ones.