Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lets catch up sometime!

I was pretty busy last month. I had guests at my place, my mum and my brother, so I couldn't have time to write on the blog lately. Anyways, hope you all guys are fine and still up to see my new artworks. Here are some of them. I started a new series of daily paintings Alla Prima style. The alla prima style (Italian meaning "at once") was pioneered by artists like Velazquez and made popular by the Impressionists in the 1900s. This attempt to capture the impression while the paint is still wet gives the painting a unique sense of unity and spontaneity.  

"Sunday Morning at Central Park". 
Oil color on gesso primed wood panel.
Size 8.7" x 6" (22 x 15.3 cm) .

"Follow me"
Oil color on 100% cotton canvas sheet
Size of the painting 9" x 7" ( 23.3 x 18 cm)
Size with frame 10.6" x 8.25" (27 x 21 cm)

I am also preparing an Online Shop, soon you will be able to see them all together at my new showcase place "ClickGallery" where you can buy my original artworks directly from me. No dealing with any gallery and of course you will save 40- 50% from the gallery prices.

Oh! I forgot, I did a commissioned work also and a tattoo design :) Both pieces came out very well and my clients were happy  :)

Oil on Canvas, 46 x 55 cm

Tattoo design for Elif

See you soon, please come to visit or subscribe to my blog to get the news instantly! Have a wonderful week!