Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Vive ut vitas" Live life to the fullest!

I finished another drawing from the Latin proverb series. This one reminds us how life is precious, so tells us let live it to the fullest... How many of us could enjoy our lives hundred percent? The world looks like big but it's very small actually. Many of us have similar dreams, hopes, problems but at the end nothing is different, one day we won't be sitting here anymore... Think, you wouldn't exist if this and that never happened to your parents, their parents etc... :)) There is no reason for anything, maybe that's the reason. So act right now and go out, enjoy the LIFE!

"Vive ut vitas" (Live the life to the fullest)
Coloured pencil on paper with mixed media, 2010
16"x 11" ( 40 cm. x 30 cm. )