Sunday, September 25, 2016

Welcome to Autumn with a new linocut print

The view point from Carrizal

Hi everybody, I finally found some time to write on the blog. I have been sketching outdoors lately and getting lots of inspiration for the new projects. This is the first week of autumn. That means for us, soon the windy season will end in our neighborhood. So, I will be able to do more plein air paintings.

This week I worked on a new linocut artwork. I drew an imaginary composition inspired by a landscape view point from our neighborhood where we often take a break from on our way to home (see pic above).  

After I transferred the sketch image to the lino sheet, I started to carve the tree shape first (see below pic). Once the carving is finished, I decided to check the negative image on a very thin paper with a charcoal stick. This is kind of a pre-proof stage for me. After seeing the result, I went over the lino a little bit more. I did the proof printing and lastly I fixed a few more details. I titled this piece "By the tree". Enjoy it and have a great week!

Making of the linocut

"By the tree" by Birsen Ozbilge, 2016
Original limited edition handmade linocut print
(Edition of 15 only)
Paper size 6" x 7" (15.5 x 16.5 cm.)
Image size 4" x 4.25" (9 x 10 cm.)

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