Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Workshop clip for Cactusueños

Working on "Cactusueños" once more :) Since this was a postponed project , most of the work is actually done, except few pieces need final touches and some frame work. I painted during the 10 years of my painting period lots of sleeping self-portraits with these somehow scary but enigmatic looking cacti plant. It's ironic but makes sense very well :) Hopefully once I exhibit "Cactusueños" I will wake up from this crazy dream...

Studio settings for small format paintings

                                  Studio clip for "Cactusueños" workshop
Cactusueños III, Oil on canvas, 97 x 160 cm., 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

ETSY Canary Islands Team launched with facebook group and Pinterest Board

Since last month, right after joining to ETSY community I started working to promote my shop. I did a Pinterest Board and kept posting my listings on facebook page and twitter as well. Stats shows the hard work paid my working hours and my shop recognized by many art lovers. I made a sale and two reservations already.
"Canary Islands Team" 

In the mean time I created an ETSY team called "Canary Islands Team" and a facebook group called 
"ETSY Canary Islands". Also I promoted the team member to show their listings on my Pinterest Board called "Canary Islands Team on ETSY". Lots of sitting hour yes but mostly at late nights... Feel free to join if you care about arts and crafts related to Canary Islands.