Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Major e Longinquo Reverentia

I put the finishing touches to "Major e Longinquo Reverentia" (Viewed from a distance, everything is beautiful). This painting makes us to think of how we judge other people's life, rich and famous people, politics, places, jobs, etc... without knowing their reality.

"Major e Longinquo Reverentia"
(Viewed from a distance, everything is beautiful)
Coloured pencil on paper with mixed media, 2009
16"x 11" ( 40 cm. x 30 cm. )

The picture below is my latest artwork that I am working on now. I just transfered the outlines with my film projector to the paper and drew the lines with pencil. Now it is the time to choose the proverb and put the beads together. Obviously the figure on the composition is telling an advice. It must be short and a clear subject, because I don't have the long space to put it. I wanted to use "Carpe Diem" but it was way too short :)) Well, few more beads, that's it! I chose "Nil Desperandum" (Never give up!).

"Nil Desperandum" (Never give up!)
Work in progress

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