Friday, September 11, 2009

Acta Non Verba

My short vacation finished very quickly, back to the reality... Still working on the first coats of "Major e longinquo reverentia'' (Viewed from a distance, everything is beautiful). Advance stages soon will be here.

A finished painting called "Acto Non Verba" (Action, not words), I just found this photo in my camera's memory card that I have been forgotten to post it here.
I am a good listener more than a talker, so people "who likes to talk too much and do nothing about it" yes that is the reason of this painting. It's action time now!

"Acta Non Verba" (Action, not words)
Coloured pencil on paper with mixed media, 2009
15"x 11.5" ( 37 cm. x 27 cm. )

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