Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Season is on the doorway!

Another holiday season is getting closer. Lights are up on the main streets and shop windows are all decorated with Santa's goodies:) Mailing out needed, yes! I already ordered my holiday greeting cards. I used to receive a lots of  Xmas cards but every year less and less now. I guess people loosing their customs. It's pity .. Anyway, If you think to get some nice Xmas cards, you still have time, just make a list of your loved ones, and believe me when they receive your card they will be very very happy...

Oil on Canvas- (Work in progress)

Working on the Still Life every other day alternating with the other unfinished artworks. White areas drying slower as usual, almost applied first coat and some secondary coats... Now I will work on the floor and the shadows. It's coming out nicely, I guess, will see it in few more sessions later. On the other hand the commissioned portrait work of a young boy is about to finish. 

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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