Friday, January 10, 2014

Snowy year in Gran Ganaria!

Here in Gran Canaria we do not get snow every year. Last time making a snowball was 10 years ago almost. Living in the sea level of the island is totally different though, you can lay down on the beach and enjoy the nice weather. That's why they call our island "the miniature continent" , you can have winter and the summer in same day :)  

Yesterday view from La Cumbre (peak point of the island approx. 2000 m.), Gran Canaria

Yesterday view from the rooftop

"Cactusueños" (means Cac-tu-sueños = your cactus dreams) exhibit will have close to 50 artworks with 10 different techniques as oil paintings, acrylic paintings, oil pastels, water colors, Indian ink drawings, glass mosaic, mosaic sculpture, lino cut, photographs, video art. Plus  a small showcase with sketch book, work on progress materials...When you work on an on going project for a long time (in my case, it's about for 10 years) you realize that there are lots of stuff to put together and organize them,  in order to not loosing track of any piece of artwork. At the moment I am organizing the pieces for the exhibition in two studio rooms. 

Studio photos

On the other hand, I am working on a book project for the exhibition. It will be good edition for the exhibition with all the artworks printed as a catalouge. Also, the book will be available as an e-book format for computer/tablet/smartphone users. See you soon for the updates.

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