Sunday, July 13, 2014

What's on my mind? Nothing but Flowers

 Gran Canaria, the view from the boat 

Last week, my husband and I took few days off and we did a small trip to visit some family members in Tenerife island. We took the ferryboat (2.5 hrs) and stayed at cousins' beautiful Canadian Style countryside house built by them in La Esperanza. Right next to their house also the parents have a lovely cottage house with garden flowers and a vineyard. It was cloudy and chilly almost everyday so we stayed at home most of the days but it was great spending some time with them and their wonderful kids.

view from the vineyard

The oil painting is advancing little by little. More layers needed to be painted of course... I like to put the fresh layers on dry surface, depending on the thickness of the paint I have to wait for few days. Since it is not the rainy season, so I put the wet paint after each work session at the patio which has open air. This way the studio has more fresh air, too.

Burrero beach, oil painting work on progress

I made a short video clip about cutting the vitreous glass tiles with circle blade tile nipper. It is important to have alcohol swatches and band-aid handy around, small accidents might happen time to time. And never cut tiles without safety goggles for your eyes sake!

Cutting for the mosaic piece as usual. The branches and flowers area is coming out nicely. I will work on the little bird soon. Next week it will advance for sure...

The Lead Girl with Canarian Timple - Work on progress

Have a great week!

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