Monday, August 4, 2014

Catch a Falling Star and Put It In Your Pocket, Save It For a Rainy Day...

Last week, I finished the recycled computer screen and oil painting project. It is looking very cool, isn't it?  

"Immortal Wallpaper", by Birsen Ozbilge, oil painting on canvas, mounted on flat computer screen, 2014

I worked on the face of the figure on the mosaic artwork. It is very hard to deal with limited colors of vitreous tiles when it comes to flesh colors but I do my best as always.

"Over the clouds" mosaic artwork piece work on progress

This week, I am going to start on a clunary painting project called "Kitchen Stories". I love cooking in a relaxed atmosphere for friends and family. My mother gave me my first cook book (see pic below) when I was taking cooking classes at age 12. From that time till today I have learned and created new recipes and collected cook books (see pic below) in English, Spanish and Turkish languages. 

My first cook book, in the Turkish language

Kitchen Library, 2014

Cooking duck breast with fois gras and chips, Buenavista, 2006

The inspiration of this project is coming from a cook book called “Painters & Food Renaissance Recipes"(written by Gillian Riley, Pomegranate Art books, 1993, ISBN 1-56640-577-7) which was a gift of a good  friend from New York in 1997. In this book there are food related paintings of Renaissance painters and the ancient recipes, it's a total gem. I will share more than 30 years of cooking experience with my artwork, I hope you'll enjoy it...  

Alright, here is the music part, I prepared for you now. During the week, I listened almost every day one of the best guitar players of our times, Mr. "Tommy Emmanuel". I started to practice acoustic guitar again a few months ago after watching his full live concert in YouTube. He was telling to the audience “Bring your guitar down from on top of that closet and start to practice…”. How did he know I had one up there?  Well, now I am watching his video tutorials along with other guitar masters to learn finger style guitar playing. Well, I can tell you thumb picking is pretty difficult, it's gonna take a long time to learn, if I ever make it.. The song called "Mona Lisa" Tommy Emmanuel performs,  (live) the original by Nat King Cole. Enjoy it! Have a good week.

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