Friday, September 26, 2014

Salema, a rare fish from Atlantic...

PDF e-book "Early Works" is published.To read the e-book best way; I suggest to view it on a desktop, laptop or a big screen tablet, downloading the file first and open it from the file folder instead of viewing on your web browser. The e-book has Interactive links, feel free to click on them to listen my voice on  Enjoy it! Click on the link.

Cover image of "Early Works" by Birsen Ozbilge 

Last week I advanced a lot on the mosaic artwork, hoping to finish it by next weekend. Sealing the wood and grouting will be the next steps. I will share with you the process. 

 "Over the Clouds" mosaic art work in progress

I carry my little sketch book with me all the time.When I find a little spare time to disconnect from all the world, my pencil and sketch book. Here I am drawing and trying to leave precious moments from my life in Gran Canaria...

Playa del Burrero, Gran Canaria

Last week we had "Salema", a rare fish caught from Mogan area. I made a little research on it and found out that If the fish had eaten a special seaweed can cause hallucinations when eaten., chances are very little I mean... I don't remember having any hallucination experiences, though :) Anyways, I decided to paint this beautiful creature before us to eat it...

Salema (Salema Porgy - see at wikipedia

 I like marble surface to mix oil paintings

 Salema work on progress

We like to steam our fish and vegetables. It is tasty, healthy and easy to clean. This steamer has two levels, so we put on the first level potatoes and carrots for 35 min programme. After 15 min. We add to the second level an oven bag with marinated fish (with onion, parsley, lemon, salt, black pepper). And last 4 min. We add the broccoli on the top level. We serve it with simple green salad and open a cold white wine. Voilá! It's so easy isn't it? Tip: Give a small whole  to the oven bag.

Steaming the fish and the vegetables

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