Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Free Mosaic Grouting Tutorial

Day 1: Glued mosaic tiles has to be set for at least 24 hours to ready for grouting (pic 1). Gently removing the mosaic (pic 2). Taking out the plastic wrap and the paper sketch. (pic 3). Sealing the wood with PVC base glue. I used 4 parts of water 1 part of Weldbond glue, I repeated the process twice (pic2) sealing all around the wood, back front, sides and let it totally dry for a day. (pic 4)

Day 2: Moving to open air area with work bench. Preparing the grouting materials first. Laying newspaper on the floor. Mixing the gout with water, the mixture should like a soft potato puree texture. (pic 1) Spread with the metal tool like comb shape. Not much ticker than 3 mm. Because you don't want to fill between tiles. The purpose is fixing the mosaic with grout to the selected surface.(pic 2) Once the grout firm thickness on the surface place the mosaic slowly starting from the edges. (pic 3) Place it well and check the sides, push gently the surface with your palms. (pic 4) Let it set for at least 24- 48 hours. Clean all the tools and grout inside the big bucket and save it in the 5 let plastic bottle. If you have left over grout put it in a newspaper and trash it. It is very important DO NOT THROW THE GROUT WATER IN THE SINK. It blocks the tubes. Bring your mosaic indoors, just in case if it rains you will ruin the process.

 Grouting materials + you will need a spoon, strong gloves, a cup of water, small plastic tray, bigger plastic bucket, an empty 5 Lt. plastic bottle. 

 Day 3: Moving to open air area with work bench. Preparing the grouting materials first. Laying newspaper on the floor. Mixing the gout with water, I  added black acrylic paint to make  a grey color grout. The mixture this time it should be a little firm, like a soft dough texture. Mixing well is very important, make sure until you have the right color. And remember, grout gets lighten when it dries. (pics 1, 2, 3) Spread the grout with your hand pushing in gaps of the tile but gently. Don't worry about the excess grout now and keep covering the whole area. Use a soft rubber piece to spread and push the grout in all the surface.( pic 4) 

Get the big bucket and put water, about 4 cm high. Wet your sponge and squeeze it very well. Start cleaning the mosaic, taking the excess grout. Repeat the process cleaning the sponge and rubbing gently on the surface. Do not rub too much, the gap should be filled with grout. (pic 1) Let the mosaic rest for 15 min. In the mean time start cleaning your grout and tools, remember to put all the water in the 5 lt. plastic bottle. (pic 3) Get a lint free clothing and start rubbing the mosaic gently. (pic 2) After cleaning all the surface bring the mosaic indoors again. At this point the grout color is slightly darker, once it dried it will look lighter. (pic 4) Now it is the time to put cream to your hands and rest...

The mosaic is completed. Tomorrow the grout color will be much lighter.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate asking me.

Over the clouds, 62 x 60 cm, vitreous glass mosaic

Day 4: I added this photo today so you can compare the diffrence of grout color. It is much lighter. 

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