Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Do you want to try something new for the potluck party?

Drawing studio with new set up

Last week I redesigned the drawing room. By moving the table close to daylight area, I gained a lot of space for my big size paper projects (see pic above). I also worked for "Kitchen Stories" series. It's strawberry season here now, so I took advantage of it and started to a new color pencil composition (see pic below). I am using Prismacolor pencils and Stonhange drawing paper for this project. After I finished my sketch, I took several reference photos and worked from the digital image. As I said before, working from life composition has advantages, especially laying the composition process stage. On the other hand, I can see the details of the digital image on my computer screen as much as bigger and take my time. Color pencil drawing  is very time consuming technique. I did several hours of work and I have at least few more hours to finish it. (see work in progress pic below)

Work in progress

Work in progress

Last week I finished another oil painting for the "Kitchen Stories" series. On wednesday, I will publish a time lapse videoclip on my YouTube channel. So you can see how I approached to the finished painting. (see pics below) I am sharing one of my recipe below. It is a Turkish starter dish called "mucver". It's a great idea for potluck parties, you don't have to serve it hot, room temperature is fine. Also, If you have left over you can make great sandwiches for lunch picnics. Enjoy them and let me know how they came out. Have a great week!

Work in progress with 5 pm light in the studio

"Zucchini with eggs" by Birsen Ozbilge, 
oil on canvas sheet, 29,5 x 42 cm, May, 2015
Available, contact me for purchase details

(Zucchini fritters)
(comes out 8-9 pieces)


1 medium zucchini (shredded)
3 eggs
1 table spoon flour
50 gr feta cheese (optional)
2 scallions (chopped tiny with green parts)
Fresh dill (chopped tiny)
1 tea spoon dry mint
pinch of red pepper
black pepper
24 cm frying non stick pan
1/4 glass olive oil to fry
big salad spoon
big spatula 

Mix all the ingredients well, heat the oil and using the salad spoon as the measurement place four spoons of mixture into the pan without touching each other. Cook them until they colored golden. Using a big spatula turn the other side and cook 2 more minutes. Place them on top of a kitchen roll napkin. Serve it if you wish hot, warm or room temperature. 

Here is my mucver

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