Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Getting ready for Xmas and New Year

Last week we arrived home and It took me for few days to organize the studio and start working on something new. I decided to make limited edition linocut print artworks for the "New Year" card. I had all the materials for this project; which are linoleum sheet, cutting tools, printing rolls, special red ink, acid free thick card paper and some metallic acrylic painting for the details. This small size of work finished in two studio working day. I was pretty happy for the result. I sent them out today, precisely to people who supported my profession this year. If you wish to receive a special greetings for the next year, click on "BE SPONSOR" and choose from options.

Preparing the linocut

"Happy New Year" by Birsen Ozbilge, handmade linocut print, 
(Edition of 10 only) 10,5 x 15 cm , December 2015

On Monday we went to visit Seasonal Art and handcrafts Fair in Maspalomas. There were very nice handcrafts, clothing and other interesting objects. As usual I didn't get anything from these goods and instead I bought a portable wooden easel for myself. That's the life of an artist! Now I have another plein air gear to enjoy painting at outdoors. 

My new outdoor easel.

A short while after we stopped by at the boardwalk of Maspalomas. It was a lovely afternoon, I do not complain about the weather we have in the Canaries :) So, I set on the side wall sketched enjoying the beautiful sea view... Hoping to comeback soon for plein air painting.

Sketching by boardwalk of Maspalomas

"View from MasPalomas" sketch, pencil on paper

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