Friday, January 8, 2016

Do you make new year resolutions?

Calvin and Hobbes

Do you make new year resolutions? I wonder if it works... I prefer to keep diaries and put little weekly goals on them. Generally, at the beginning of the new year I give myself few days of break. Afterwards I start to organize the studio, put things together, clean and tidy. This is good enough for beginning of the new working year, than it rolls. I am not in a rush, 358 days to go for another year...

This week, I set a still-life composition with Artemis figurine which we bought it more than 15 years ago in Ephesus, Turkey. They call her "Lady of Ephesus" also, she has bunch of tits, strange right? Did you know "Pomegranate" is the symbol of prosperity and ambition? The pomegranates are on season now, we had two, so I cut one of them in half to show the inside part. Oh! The gorgeous silk scarf was recently gifted to me and the small black one with tiny flowers was my granny. It was a challenging drawing with this color combination of such limited palette. After I draw the composition, I built the mid tones and blocking the bright colors such as the flowers, by the end of the hour my light was gone so, I call the day off. Next day, I worked on the darks and the shadows and lastly the light areas.

work in progress


"Pomegranates with Lady of Ephesus" by Birsen Ozbilge, 2016
Oil Pastel on pastel paper, 11,8" x 9,4" (30 x 24 cm) 

Beside the studio work, I've done few plein air sketches. One of them was a sailing boat passing through the coast. My main attention was putting the right colors of the sky and the sea. The boat was so far for the details, so I got some help from my camera's zoom. But I kept it simple without giving so much details. Have a nice weekend! 

Plein air pastel sketch work in progress

pastel drawing on sketchbook

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