Saturday, October 29, 2016

Peace on Earth

Holiday season is getting closer, in less than 2 months... So, last weekend I started to design a linocut print greeting card. This year's theme is "Peace on Earth". The world really needs this now as it should be our wish for everyone. As you may know already, many famous as well as unknown artists created unique handmade greeting cards in the past and these are collectible small art pieces, which can be framed as an artwork (see pic below). This year I am going to offer a set of 6 greeting cards for 40 € including Free shipping worldwide with registered mail. Also, 5% of the sale profit will be donated to UNICEF Foundation to help children affected by war. 

 "Peace on Earth" Greeting card sets (left) - Mock up for framed linocut (right).

Even though the preparing process was quite time consuming, the result was worth it. After several sketches made, I transferred the final one to the lino sheet (see pic below) and started to carve it. I did a test print with a chalk stick (see pick below). Because the blue ink was a little bit dark I inked the lino sheet with lighter blue mixing it with white color. I tested inking a few prints to make sure no more carving was needed (see pic below). Next day when the prints were totally dry, I cut and attached them on heavy-weight hand-cut card stock. Later on with an HB pencil I wrote the title, signed and dated the cards. Each card has its own envelop and protective plastic sleeve. If you think your friends or relatives might be interested in ordering them, feel free to share this e-mail (or share the blog page link). I will be busy printing and preparing card sets till mid-November, in order to give enough time for people to send them for the holiday season. Have a great weekend!

Making the "Peace on Earth" linocut print for holiday greeting cards

"Peace on Earth" Handmade Linocut Greeting Card
by Birsen Ozbilge, 2016
Card size is 8.25 cm x 13 cm (3.24" x 5.11)
Set of 4 is available to order, click on SHOP


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