Sunday, February 3, 2019

New Linocut Print! "Flunky's applause box"

"Flunky's applause box" 
Limited Edition 2 colors Linocut Print, 
6" x 8", water-based ink on paper, 2019

This is the 8th linocut print for "Flunky the clown" series. This linocut print artwork is  inspired by "Rob Torres" who was International Man of Mirth and a brilliant clown who performed in over 60 countries, passed away suddenly in last June. 

Rob Torres (R.I.P)

I have 2 more Flunky the Clown linocut prints to be completed. If you would like to support my Flunky the clown series, visit my online store at ClickGallery  My wish to create a children book with "Flunky the clown" series. Each print is hand-pulled with linocut printmaking technique and limited with 50 editions.

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