Thursday, December 26, 2019

WIN 100 ACEO Clown Portraits Prints! / Giveaway raffle

Hello my Clown Friends! I have been painting miniature ACEO clown portraits and this is one of my ongoing project at the moment. I cut 100 ACEO Clown Portraits Prints to prepare a Giveaway raffle for my Patreon supporters. On Sunday, 29th of December at 13:00 PM (GMT-5) I will announce the winner on live stream at my facebook page. Participation is open for all existing and new patrons. ''Become a Patron'' on my Patreon page is very easy and it will cost you a cup of coffee for monthly. In exchange you will receive rewards and be part of this project. Thank you so much for supporting my Clown Portraits project. With your help I will be able to create more... Happy Holidays to You All!

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