Monday, December 20, 2021

ACEO Clown Portrait #232 "Sabouny"


ACEO Clown #232 "Sabouny" 

2 ½” x 3 ½” (64 x 89 mm)

ACEO Clown portrait #232 is inspired by a wonderful Lebanese humanitarian clown named "Sabouny" (Sabine Choucair).  Sabine has qualifications in performing arts from London and social therapy from New York,  she has been working with different communities around the world since 2006.

She is co-founder of "Clown Me In" in Lebanon and Mexico, a group using the art of clowning to fight social injustice. She is a member of Clowns Without Borders USA spreading joy and laughter among disadvantaged communities. She’s the artistic director of the International Institute for Very Very Serious Studies a performance training program in Beirut focusing on social street theater as well as the Caravan street theater productions that take refugee and human rights stories to more than 100 communities in Lebanon and Tunisia and Europe.

Sabine is an RSA fellow and the first female clown to receive the “Premio Clown Nel Cuore” award in Italy.

See more info at "Clown Me In" website.

Sabouny is performing with a Syrian refugee kid. April 2021
Photo is courtesy of Sabine Choucair archive at instagram.

work in progress

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