Saturday, September 30, 2023

ACEO Clown Portrait #258 "Clown Crostino"

 ACEO Clown portrait #258 "Clown Crostino"

2 ½” x 3 ½” (64 x 89 mm)

ACEO clown portrait #258 inspired by a fantastic clown called "Crostino" (Diego Zanatta) from Italy. Diego is a professional clown known for his entertaining shows that bring laughter to audiences of all ages. Trained at the prestigious Arsenale Theater School in Milan, under the guidance of renowned theater artists Marina Sperafico and Kuniaki Ida, Diego mastered the art of clowning using the Lecoq method.

Continuing his artistic development through masterclasses with esteemed clowns like Vladimir Olshansky, David Larible, and André Casaca, Diego became the creator and performer of his character, Clown Crostino. While primarily performing in Italy, his unique blend of physical comedy, slapstick humor, and interactive elements has also delighted audiences in France and Germany.

Clown Crostino's shows are designed to provide a delightful family experience, uniting people from different backgrounds through the universal language of laughter. With his charming and mischievous character, Clown Crostino effortlessly engages the audience, ensuring an evening filled with amusement and shared joy. His instagram 

Clown Crostino

work in progress

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