Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Welcome to Spring and Happy Semana Santa!

Infront of the famous Canarian artist Aguiar's painting

Recently I visited a collective exhibition called "Cuerpo de mujer" (female nude) at Casa de Colon, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.  I really liked this 40 something pieces of artwork collection which show the beautiful female nudes. In my early works I had a few female nude paintings. (see pic below)

Cat lover, by Birsen Ozbilge, Acrylic on wood,40 x 30 cm, 1995

I keep drawing the city and the coastal landscapes on my sketchbook. The other day I went to the city of Las Palmas and set infront of the public library to sketch one of my favorite view point.

work in progress sketching en plein air 

View point from the Public Library, pencil drawing on sketchbook, January 2016

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