Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mosaic and music go well together...

Almost 7 years ago, I started to a mosaic lamp project and never finished. I didn't have enough similar tones of vitrious tiles for the bottom part of it. Anyway, first I thought, I could finish with some mix and match alternative pieces but than I saw the thick wood panel in the studio and decided to take out all the pieces from unfinished mosaic lamp and re-use them for a new mosaic project. Besides what I'm going to do with another mosaic lamp, I don't have any space  to put it and most people don't appreciate hard work these days. I am almost finishing the removal part. Well, I tell you it was not easy to take them out one by one. I want the double patience medal I guess :)

So, I am going to start on the wood panel soon. You might remember the mosaic piece called "Dreaming by the Drago Tree" from my last exhibition few months ago which was sold to a wonderful friend/follower.

After installing the mosaic piece to 
Janice's marvallous terrace

I know you are curious about the upcoming e-book "Early Works". Well, I am done with all the text and voice recordings and the selection of the pieces and photos. Now, my editor is working on it. I can give you a sneak peak. Most probably you didn't know that I created digital art using computer as a palette in late 90's in New York. You will also see my most unknown pieces in this e-book, a series called "Hittite Art".

Birdman, by Birsen Ozbilge
Digital Art on Canvas Paper, 8 x 6 cm, 1999
(Available, click on e-mail for more info)

"Kiss of Fire" by Hugh Laurie & Gaby Moreno, enjoy it... Have a great weekend!

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