Friday, January 30, 2015

"Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment". Claude Monet

Willows in Spring, Claude Monet, 1886

After I started to paint at outdoors, I did a research about art history of famous plein air painters and found a fantastic series of documentary about the impressionists by Waldemar Januszczak . In my collage years, our art history teacher used to show us diapositive slides in the dark classroom. Each slide displayed for aprox.10 seconds and hundreds of painting, after a while it was getting very boring. Us, trying to see the notebook to take notes in the dark room, mostly missing her conversations. Students didn't have a fixed art history book neighter, the art books of the school library were almost impossible to get it, the most incredible and of course there was NOT internet in the early 90's. I failed 2 times from art history class, because I didn't like to memorize all this artist names, years, it was nonsense to me... Well, I passed this class repeating after few times and left it all behind with my nightmare of school memories. It's true that I was not a good student but I was very curious about art. That's why, the second year of my collage, as soon as I had enough money to travel, I bought an interrail ticket (an unlimited train ride pass, valid for a month in Europe) to see the real artworks. Starting to my journey from Istanbul, I visited, Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Hungary, I visited museums and art galleries in Paris, Rome, Firenze, Madrid. In Musée D'Orsay I saw these fabulous impressionist paintings of Courbet, Monet, Manet, Pizarro, Bazille, Cézanne, you name it... The influences of impressionism was very important in my early artworks, even though still my favorite artists are the expressionist... See below

Kabatas parki, oil pastel on craft paper, 1991 by Birsen Ozbilge

Today , I drew a lonely tree in our neighborhood, this little sidewalk park by the side of the highway has a great view. The winter is a little bit chilly this year, I am waiting for the good weather for plein air painting. Follow me at I am building a new page there. Please leave a comment if you liked my artworks and share with your fb, twitter etc. 

See you soon, have a great weekend!

View from Centro de Salud Carrizal, pencil on paper, Jan 30, 2015

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