Friday, January 16, 2015

Plein air painting with sea breeze

Plein Air Working in Progress

Yesterday afternoon the weather was beautiful. My husband and I took advantage of it and made a plein air set up by the coast close to our place. I worked with acrylic paintings this time. They have some advantages and disadvantages to paint. The advantages; the acrylic dries very quick, they are water based paints, so it's easy to clean afterwards and they are non-toxic. It's not too difficult to handle mistakes if you are not used to it, you cover the colors and create different layers. Most colors get much darker once they dried. You have to have some experience and patience with it. Disadvantage is blending them can create muddy tones and the texture is not the same like oil colors but many people cannot distinguish from oils if expertly painted.

I enjoyed painting in plein air, directly looking to the peaceful sea landscape. I admit that I am very fortunate to live in Gran Canaria island, We have year around good weather and beautiful nature. Of course the good weather by itself is not enough. Painting is an expensive job. You have to sell in order to get good quality materials.  The appreciation for the hard work which is a necessity for any artist and more important than that is the support from art lovers which will help to keep creating new artworks. 

If I had a normal 9 to 5 job or not even needed to go to work, you know what would I do? I would collect artworks to support living artists. All I had to do not buying that brand name accessory which I did not need it really. And believe me it will be enough to support a living artist... And I would feel myself such  a generous and a good person. Contact me if you are interested in with any of my artworks. Too see them visit my website at 

View to city of Las Palmas from Las Terrazas

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