Thursday, April 14, 2016

Beautiful sculptures of Agüimes

The lovers, by Ana Luisa Benitez, in Agüimes

Last week we went to our neighbor town Agüimes. This little town is an open air art museum really. In every corner, square, in a narrow street you see beautiful sculptures. I want to share a few of them made by a Canarian sculpture artist, Ana Luisa Benitez. She has done wonderful sculptures all over the island, in fact, I have done sketches of a few of them in the past.

The donkey, by Ana Luisa Benitez, in Agüimes

The peasant, by Ana Luisa Benitez, in Agüimes

Chellist homage to the music, by Ana Luisa Benitez, in Agüimes

Sketching the chellist sculpture in Agüimes

After visiting the a few art studios and "History of Agüimes Museum" I set and decided to sketch by the cellist sculpture which magically plays a peaceful classical music concert. This is the 16th plate of the sketchbook, enjoy it! (see pic below)

Cellist of Agüimes, pencil on sketchbook, 2016

I don't know if you use or had noticed on your friends posts "#tbt" hashtag in social networks. Initials of "Throw back thursday", meaning bring something old and share with your followers. This week I am bringing an early work from my first year of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Academy, (Now they call University of Mimar Sinan) Istanbul, Turkey. It was my first drawing study from the nude sculpture. Enjoy it!

Sketch from Sculpture 
Chalk on Paper, 32 x 29 cm, 1987

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