Wednesday, November 13, 2019

ACEO Clown Portrait #147 "Grandma" aka Barry Lubin

ACEO Clown Portrait #147 "Grandma" aka  Barry Lubin 
2 ½” x 3 ½” (64 x 89 mm), 2019

ACEO Clown portrait #147 is inspired by a very famous clown "Grandma" Aka Barry Lubin from Ventnor City, NJ, US. Barry Lubin trained at Ringling Bros. and performed in EU and US circuses more than 30 years. Barry Lubin was inducted into the International Clown Hall of Fame in 2002, and the Sarasota Ring of Fame in 2012, the highest honor in American Circus. He was at International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo in 2008, where he received the Bellini Award. He created his famous persona "Grandma" where he worked at Big Apple Circus for about 25 years. He wrote a book called "Tall Tales of A Short Clown". You can watch this interview and see how he can spit water on YouTube 


work in progress

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