Monday, March 16, 2015

How I Survived This Year's Carnival

A few of the mobile disco trucks in front out our building

We survived the most noisy week of the year in our neighborhood which was the "Carnaval de Carrizal". Their loud music really annoys that you prefer not to open any windows and balcony doors, cause at least 10 huge mobile disco tracks are parking all around the plaza and each one of them plays a different song. My solution to avoid Carnival is usually using headphones and watch a video or listen to the music and try to work on the computer. Anyways I put my headphones with high volume, listening Chet Atkins for those 4 days. This way while I was painting at least I was able to open my studio balcony door for the fresh air. See the still-life painting below, I think, it's coming out little by little, I am happy with the settings and the color values. This week I will work more intense on it.

Still-life oil painting, work in progress

On the other hand I am preparing my new plein air guerilla box gear with a new wooden palette. I recycled a piece of wood from an empty wine box cover. Sand it all the surface with very fine sand paper first. Applied pure linseed oil and let it dried a day. Next day I applied two coats of shellac to seal the wood. Well done! i have a new painting palette now and it's very light. It will be fitted inside the guerilla box I am working on now. Once totally finished I will share it.

On Saturday, Carnival was going crazy out there and of course I couldn't open the windows for the fresh air. Well, this was the great time for me to go through my favorite cook books to prepare menus and get ideas for my "Kitchen Stories" Artist Cook Book. Visually I have things clear in my mind, it is going to be with my own recipes and their related still-life paintings. The stories are the secret part, because you will know what's behind on the paintings and the recepies. I'll keep you posted soon... Have a great week!

Some of our cookbooks and mint tea on the coffee table

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