Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fresh News from the Studio

This week I visited at "Casa de la Cultura" in Agüimes an Art Exhibition named "Espacios Divergentes" created by two women artists, Nadia Brito and Palmira García. Actually, especially I went to see Nadia's artworks. She is a facebook friend from Gran Canaria, and we follow each other's art for a while, but we haven't met in person yet. I really liked her minimal and graphical style. Her sensibility on nature is built on simplicity as she uses mostly black ink, very little color or just graphite on paper. Almost in each artwork there is a simple house drawing or a bird figure. These are typical symbols which represent need of independence. See more artworks from her at instagram as @nadia_brimel.

"Sin título" mixed media by Nadia Brito

"Sin título" mixed media by Nadia Brito


My latest multicolor linocut print is completed. This six color linocut print was created using a different method than the reduction method. I carved and separeted each color plate and individually inked and printed them. 
Carving the lino sheet

I am laying the first color

I printed the darker green lines over the first layer color

I added the pot image

I repeated two more "ink-print-repeat" session for the flower and the snail images. Now I am preparing a detailed PDF demo document of making this linocut print which will have more photos, links to video clips and tips... If you wish to get your free copy, simply send me a message saying "Add me to the list" for this tutorial. Have a great week!

"Snail on Succulent" by Birsen Ozbilge, 
Original Handmade Multicolor Linocut Print
Paper size 6,75" x 6,75" ( 16,5 x 16,5 cm.)
Image size 5" x 5" (12 x 12 cm.)
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