Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mosaic tutorial: "A view to Bentayga" (Part I)

Roque Bentayga, Gran Canaria, Spain

These days I have been working on a new mosaic project. It's going to be a round-shaped indoor/ outdoor mosaic panel. I chose to draw a cactus with buds as the focal point of the composition, and behind, the view of the emblematic natural spot "Roque Bentayga", which is one of the most unique rock formations in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain). It's located in the heart of the island and it stands 1,404 meters above sea level. Near the top, there are the ancient aboriginal settlements; Cuevas del Rey and Roque Camel, consisting of a hundred caves with rooms, interments, silos, etc. We have visited this wonderful place once, I remember there was a museum near this place, and car road access close to the some aboriginal areas. This place is really great for nature lovers!

Let me show you with pictures and notes how I create this project.

At the very beginning, I was just playing around with vitreous glass chips for the possible color combinations

Later on, I drew a small sketch and transferred it and modified to the exact size of the round wood support.

I cut the sketch paper and fixed it on the wood using small gum balls (double-sided tape works too). Afterwards, considering the availability of my mosaic chips, I chose the colors and layed them with color pencils.

, I covered the design with stretch film and taped to the wood.

I cut a plastic mesh with the same size of the panel

I fixed the mesh to the panel with clear tape

I cut and pasted white mosaic tiles for the sky area.

Detail of how I put the glue on the mosaic chip

Detail of placing the mosaic chip

This is the first part of the tutorial. I will post the following steps soon. Let me know if you have any questions.

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