Sunday, July 31, 2016

Gran Canaria Sketchbook drawings

Sunset at Etretat, by Monet, 1882

During the 1880's the famous French painter Claude Monet worked on a number of paintings depicting the cliffs and sea at √Čtretat in the Normandy coast (see pic above). He was coming to the beach followed by kids carrying his canvases and he was painting the same rock form at different times of the day. Each painting has different colors and effects according to the light and shadow of the hour. 

In a way, I am similar to him with my drawing and painting obsession of El Burrero. I have done a lot of sketches and studies of Burrero Beach rock form for the last 2 years and without a doubt, I will create more of them...
work in progress

Sunset in Burrero no:2, by Birsen Ozbilge
Oil pastel on craft paper, 12,5" x 9,4" (32 x 24 cm), 2016
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This week I was working on a slide show videoclip for my Gran Canaria sketchbook drawings (see pic below). I scanned 30 sketchbook pages and put them together with their work in progress photos in a video editing program. This 5 min. presentation is the summery of my 6 months of work. Enjoy it, and have a great week! (If you have difficulties viewing the clip, click on this link )

Editing the videoclip

Sketchbook drawings from Gran Canaria videoclip, 4:54 min.

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